31 aug. 2014

Dear AJ players

Two years ago I got banned from AJ. Why? Because lots of people reported me for scamming. Is that true? Well, everyone who knows me would say it isn't and those people are right. I gave my sweat, tears and blood to stop people who scam as you'll notice on my blog. I probably won't be playing AJ again but I just want to inform that I got all my stuff on a very fair way, which took a lot of time. If I get unbanned I'll play it again but otherwise I don't see any reason to continue playing. I might be playing again with my subaccount Raressoul, I'm not sure though.

Play wild,

16 jun. 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hello jammers,
This is my blog you can find a lot information about Animal Jam here.
You see a searching box there.

It'll make it easier to find information about Animal Jam on my blog.
I wrote about a lot so I hope you find the things where you want to know about.
You can also look at the list of all my posts!
Under this post you see my last 4 posts.
If you know a good subject where i didnt write about, tell me that subject in a comment on this blog!

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facts, jokes and things that everyone recognize:

When I clean my room: 1% Cleaning. 29% Complaining. 70% Playing with stuff I just found

Reason why I check my voice mail... 5% Because I care about my missed calls, 95% to remove that annoying icon.

What is an other word for an interactive television? - A test-tube.

Wanna freak out? = Google maps, type: 47.110579 9.227568, click the green arrow, select more then go to Street View. Go up two & left twice.

You don't know something? Google it. You don't know someone? Facebook it. You don't find something? MOM!

"I love you" "OMG, really? What a coincidence!" "Why? You love me too?" "No, I love myself too!"

She's a bitch and you're an asshole. You're perfect for each other :)

The awkward moment when you pull your blankets up and punch yourself in the face.

Cell phones ruined the fun of pushing a fully clothed person into a pool.

I stop typing because you stop typing then you stop with typing?

*DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!*......Okay, I will go to my best friend's house and try it

Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear it but you can't see them. Then right when you walk by them, they're quiet

That amazing moment when you find money in your clothes that you forgot was there.

If you don't smoke you will die too but then way more rich.

Do you have money - No... well actually i do but not for you.

The guy who invented milk WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING WITH THAT COW!?

When I get in an elevator, before I press a button, I look at everyone inside & say: "Are you ready to take this shit to a whole new level?"

Our generation will be the weirdest grandparents

I dig, you dig, we dig, she dig, he dig, they dig. It is not a very good poem, but it is very deep.

"You're just like a barbie.." "Awww, tall & beautiful?!" "No, plastic & brainless"

That stupid moment when you got screwed by your own banana on Mario kart.

Do you want a plastic bag? - No I got a magical elephant that will hold my stuff -_-

That moment of disappointment when you can't find the answer to your homework on Google.

The awkward moment when you say hello to your pet, and it ignores you.

"The bell doesn`t dismiss you." "Then it doesn`t tell me when to arrive either."

4xy+5x+-2b = b²-√5x Fuck this shit, I'll work at McDonalds.

My girlfriend is leaving me cause of my obsession with Africa. Uganda be kidding me, Kenya believe it? Well, it's Ghana be a messy break up.

Rule 1 during arguments: If you're losing, start correcting their grammar.

That awkward moment when someone says something super funny and you react 2 minutes later.

Someone must find out a alarm that will automatic say to school your sick if you clicked 3 times on SNOOZE.

I like to buy a bag of air because the company is nice enough to put some crips in it.

That fuck my life moment when you hop into bed, get under your covers, then realized you forgot to turn off the light.

I hate it when people ask ''Are you ok?'' if i hurt my fucking toe.

I miss my childrentime when picking a candy the hardest thing was.

On a scale of the tree with Dora to Osama Bin Ladin, how good was my hiding place?

1st month of school: Look nice and dress nice. The rest of the school year: Rocking the homeless grandma look.

' if I were you ... ' "But you're not me!: s" ' no but if '. "ONCE AGAIN: YOU ARE NOT ME!"

When I'm quiet, strangers look at me and think I'm shy. People who know me think, "Oh my God. He’s thinking! Everybody run!"

I got a life next to Animal Jam, i only can't remember the password....

My mom thinks "lol" means 'lots of love" She texted me :"Your Grandma had just died LOL"

Don't scratch on your mosquitoes hump ''BUT THATS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

That awkward moment when everyone is laughing their ass off & you don't know what's going on.

Me: "I have to tell you this story about-" *starts laughing* *deep breath* Ok there was this... *starts laughing*

"Dad, I'm hungry." "Hi, Hungry. I'm DAD." "Dad, I'm serious." "I thought you were Hungry?" "Are you kidding me?" "Nope, I'm Dad."

What do you call a black pilot? A pilot, you racist

If you watch Titanic backwards, it is a heart warming tale of a ship which jumps out of the water & saves lots of drowning people.

It requires patience to listen ... It requires skills, to pretend you are listening

' Hello spider, you are much smaller than I am, so why I afraid? I can kill you sooo. .... AAAAH HE WALKS AAAH! '

''OmG!Z wE ArE BeST FriEndSaHsSs FoREvAaA!? xDddD lolzzz!!'' - Serously, grab your keyboard and punch yourself with it in your face.

Shave your eyebrows , draw they there again on ... Women Logic!

Some people just need a hug. Around their neck. With a rope

So I put your phone on "Airplane Mode" and threw your phone up in the air. Worst Transformer Ever. Just saying.

H3y, Wh@t R y0uu d0inq?!'' About to throw a dictionary in your face.

"Shit, I failed." "Me too!" HIGH FIVE.

In love and pee in your pants is almost the same ... Everyone sees it, but only you have the warm feeling!

I've learned that pleasing everyone is nearly impossible, But pissing everyone off is way easier, and fun as hell

Alien 1: "Did the humans get our message?" Alien 2: "Yeah, but they named it dubstep and dance to it"

When life gives Lady Gaga lemons, she makes an outfit

Y.O.L.O = You Obviously Love Oreos.

Being the first to clap in an audience & then everybody joins you & thinking "Yeah, you are all my b#tches."

Ghost hunters: "Can you communicate with us?" *Door creeks* Ghost hunters: "Oh so your name is William?"

When I have children I'm gonna make them watch the movie 2012 and tell them I survived that shit.

That awkward moment when your phone rings in a church. The even more awkward moment when your ringtone is "Judas" by Lady Gaga...

Snooki’s baby's due date is December 21st. I guess the Mayans knew what they were talking about after all.

Some fails around Jamaa:

I got screwed by a buddy request =.=

How can that freaking popcorn fall out of my popcorn bag if I don't even have had popcorn in it?

Where does that water come from?
How the fuck do they write in Jamaa?

Respect for this bird.
Wtf is that?
I'm so tired and i can't even take a seat this is a fuck my life moment.
How is this even possible?
What happened to this door???

XxfreespiritxX scams?

XxfreespiritxX is like one of my best friends on AJ.
I don't think she will ever scam someone.

There is a rumor about her in Jamaa.
That she 'scammed' alexiajade31217
I got Alexiajade31217's story here and XxfreespiritxX':

Alexiajade31217's story:

XxfreespiritxX's story (I have made this easier to read):
I was too lazy to make this picture more beautiful but you can still read it.

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11 jun. 2012

crazycomebacksoon and hihihihi12123 scam!

crazycomebacksoon and hihihihi12123 are both scammers!
Here I got the prove:

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3 jun. 2012

KiddingMorafine hacked Ceiene or not?

Rumors have been in Jamaa KiddingMorafine hacked Ceiene.
This is possible because she has all items Ceiene had but....
We can't blame her for hacking Ceiene because we can't prove it.
KiddingMorafine told me about it, this is what she says:She says keykaybiack/keykayblack hacked Ceiene.
Keykaybiack/keykayblack traded his Pirate Sword for a plushie KiddingMorafine told me.
Yesterday she told me she had to trade nm wings for it.
She was tired she said.
She told me too Stallion1 would trade everything for it, she said that to her she told me.
Ceiene blamed  KiddingMorafine for hacking her.
Here are some picture to prove what I wrote her.

Later I'll probably update this blog with a good prove she hacked Ceiene, or not?

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--------------------- blog update ------------------

KiddingMorafine admitted to me she hacked Ceiene's sword but....
She is really sorry about it and want to give it back if she comes on.
So people don't be mad at her she will give it back if she see her.
Here are some pictures to prove I'm not lying:

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